Turbo Merchant

turbomerchantVictor Obaika was born in Nigeria, the most populous nation on the African Continent. His internationally patterned early education helped him cultivate the culture of viewing the world from a different prism, filled with limitless opportunities.

Victor is an Attorney at Law by profession, but his drive and vision has seen him create successful enterprises in Food Supply Logistics, Business Advisory Consulting and Advertising. Presently, Victor has become the very first African to establish and own a NASCAR Team.

His entrepreneurial spirit is spurred from his personal philosophy of maximizing every opportunity that life presents him. His decision to explore a new frontier in NASCAR, as the pioneering African owner, stems from his admiration of Bill France Snr.’s ability to develop an idea, initially penned on a paper napkin, into an entity that has grown exponentially over the last seven (7) decades.

Victor describes NASCAR as the “ultimate entrepreneur’s dream” with a successful business and marketing platform that is known virtually across the world. His love for Motorsports has fuelled his enthusiasm to own a NASCAR Team and participate in the evolution of the sport as it strives to attain a sturdier, rejuvenated, diverse and passionate following.

By setting up shop in the Race City of Mooresville, North Carolina, Victor has submerged himself in the distinct racing culture synonymous with NASCAR, and is honoured to be the first international catalyst to bridge the gap between the African Continent and the NASCAR world.