Memorable Weekend at Talladega

The Obaika Racing Team had a memorable weekend at Talladega. Driver Peyton Sellers got through three crashes and finished in the 18th having started 40th.  Peyton’s performance top 20 finish beat other rookies and earned him the Rookie of the Race.

The Winn Dixie 300 is the 9th race in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and it came up on May 2, 2015. The Talladega Super Speedway is the longest in the series, known for its steep banking and unique start and finish line. Peyton did a great job, keeping a good pace and avoiding the crashes. At Talladega, you never know what will happen until you cross the finish line. The Whelen champion crossed the finish line successfully with a steady trail up from 40th to 18th giving team the best finish so far in the series.  He was awarded Sunoco Rookie of the Race making the Talladega Super Speedway a memorable track for the team.

The team looks forward to more promising races in the series. Peyton is back at the drawing board, getting ready to do better in Iowa next week.