Kevin Cywinski

General Manager

Kevin is the owner’s right-hand man. He oversees most of the day-to-day administrative duties that keeps the two car team running. But don’t think of a team manager as some sort of glorified secretary or administrative assistant. Kevin comes to the table with years of experience in NASCAR racing, either as an owner, crew chief, driver, or in some other important position.

Bobby Burrell

Lead Crew Chief for the Race Team, and Crew Chief #77

As Lead Crew Chief for Race Team, while specifically handling the #77 Vroom Brands Chevrolet more often than not, Bobby serves as the team’s head coach, if you will, who oversees all of the hands-on activities related to building and tweaking the car that will race on the track. These activities include designing the body, adjusting the suspension, tuning the engine and more. As you can imagine, a good crew chief must know a lot about how a car works, but he must also know how a car handles on a specific track, as well as the personality of the driver behind the steering wheel. Many crew chiefs, like Bobby, have engineering degrees and helped design race cars in college.

Michael Forino

Tire Specialist/Tire Carrier

As the tire specialist, Michael spends the entire day hanging around the team’s tires, changing the air pressure, checking the heat buildup, or measuring the wear of a tire after it has taken a few laps on the track.

Donald “DC” Alexander

Interior Specialist/Tire Changer

In the shop, Donald is responsible for mounting the seat, running wires, installing gauges, brakes, etc. In addition, he is responsible for making sure the car looks good on the inside.

Tony Cosentino

Pit Crew Coach/Mechanic/Jackman

As an all-star Jackman, Tony is in charge of pit crew development. He makes sure that the guys going over the wall are in shape and ready to go on race day. Not only is he crucial to training the guys going over the wall, but Tony has knowledge as a mechanic inside of the shop.

John Colbert

Mechanic/Pit Support

Responsible for the day-to-day upkeep and maintenance of the car. An all-around worker who can do just about anything in the shop.

Chris Terry


An experienced Jackman that is, also, an all-around worker who can do just about anything in the shop.

Keiston France

PR/Media Specialist/Tire Changer In-Training

A tire changer in-training, Keiston is responsible for managing the team’s reputation on and off of the track through all forms of media and communication. In addition, he is in charge of collecting video, audio, pictures, and conducting interviews with the drivers and crew members.

Chris Attberry

Fabricator/Tire Changer

As the team’s fabricator, Chris is responsible for building and assembling the inner and outer parts involved with the race car. (i.e. chassis, body, duct system, etc.)

Slammer “Showtime” Harrison

Hauler Driver/Gasman

Responsible for being on time and being careful driving the rig with millions of dollars of equipment — the primary car, the backup car, extra parts for the suspension, the engines, and every other piece of the car.

Jeremy Nowak

Engine Tuner/Tire Changer

In charge of taking care of the engines before and after they get to the racetrack.

Duncan Ryder

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Duncan is responsible for expanding the sphere for the Obaika Racing Team.